Leading the way through Group Discussions

While reviewing and exploring any new project or information, the mind spontaneously cultivates an outlook on that and trails the same path while understanding the theories. Nonetheless while group discussions there are many brainpowers; hence many viewpoints bump into the same topic. One set of information divulges quite a lot and when more than one notion is debated then the conclusion turns out to be the best inference.

Group Discussions not only enhances the prospects of a precise conclusion but also helps to develop the following skills in an individual:

Communication Skills:

In a Group Discussion there is fair prospect that you develop your communication skills. When students reply or try to elucidate, educators can see the magnitude of their understanding and learning. Teachers can rectify (or help the students in doing so) what the students haven’t got accurate or don’t see quite evidently. Ultimately the outcome is so that the concept becomes clear to all and all the doubts disappear. This helps the students to develop the confidence while discussing their weak points or the point they didn’t get so well.

Methodical Skills:

To be meticulous and to know about the concept it is mandatory to develop the methodical skills. To have the knowledge is one thing and to be able to explain the same is a whole new dimension. The group discussions helps the students in explaining what they have learnt so far and eventually it makes them understand the flow of information and knowledge. A good question always proliferate their attentiveness, make them curious, get them to ponder, and stimulate them to make links with the topic.

Diverse Views and Divergent Skills:

If the objective is public education and awareness amongst all, a group proposing divergent points of view can be beneficial. It results into connectivity and the group discussing the issue also becomes aware about the different contradictory points of one concept.

Basking in the ever inspiring and glorious journey of the successful Group Discussion Events at Manav Rachna, covering more than 30 educational institutions and about 6000 participants in the past, Manav Rachna has launched an exclusive national level competition on Group Discussion for school students. GDProJunior 2018-2019 intends to assess and enhance the presence of mind, analytical skills, teamwork, innovation, subject knowledge, leadership skills and most importantly applied communication skills.

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