This unprecedented situation has left most of us confused and worried about the safety and education of our children. During these times, the online classes are helping the children to be on an academic schedule. But homeschooling can be overwhelming and challenging so here are a few tips that can help you.

Set up a daily schedule

Setting up a daily schedule is very important so that you can work alongside your children. Set up a time table at your convenience after understanding the most productive hours of your child. Don’t go searching online for the colour coded ones, set up the one that suits you the best and stick to it.

Stop trying to teach the way teachers teach

It is very important for parents to understand the child’s needs and extend support to adapt. The learning never stops. Give valuable short bursts of one-to-one quality time. Explain a concept and allow them to work independently. Try to make your child more productive and engaged. Keep timers and give checklists to your child so that they can feel responsible.

Take help of online resources

There are scores of online sites which help in home tutoring. Think of internet as something which you can do together.

Set reading time at home

Turn down the lights and make it a quite place for reading activity. Have your child read books. Encourage them to read books on character building so that they can choose their role models and references for their life. This will also give you a break and some relaxed time for yourself.

Make use of the extra time with your child

Use this time to teach your child life skills, cooking and home maintenance connecting them to academic lessons. Cooking can be combined with measurement and directions. You can have them read the instructions and make it like a fun game for young children. Children can be encouraged to serve and spend time with elders at home to inculcate the values of caring and sharing.

Identify the areas needed for improvement in your child

This is a really good opportunity to know your child. To know what motivates and excites them, to know how they learn and what they need to learn. Watch a video or read an article together on the subject needed for improvement to your child. This is a great opportunity for us also to learn something on the way.

Written By:-  Ms Granthana Bhatt, Primary wing teacher, MRIS Charmwood
Image Source :- Freepik