Some of my most vivid memories from my school days are of participating in enactment of “Goldilocks and the three bears” during our school’s annual day and singing Christmas carols during school assemblies with much joy and cheer. The excitement of dressing up, going up on stage in front of an audience always made my heart swell with pride.

However, back in the day, such opportunities were few. We would have to wait for a few years for the next opportunity to perform on the stage as few students would be selected for each event.

Thankfully, this system has changed and there is more awareness about giving adequate stage exposure to children right from a young age. Keeping this in mind, MRIS Charmwood ensures 100 percent participation from the entire class during events like school and special assemblies. 

All students are given an equal opportunity at regular intervals to speak, dance and sing in front of their family, friends, and teachers.  The excitement of the children is palpable and the joy in their eyes is reflected in their wonderful performances on the stage.

I remember while teaching KG last year, my class got the wonderful opportunity of presenting school assemblies on “Earth Day”, “Independence Day” and “Diwali” besides performing at the special assembly titled “Green Saviours”.

Through the course of the year, the children became more confident in performing on the stage, learnt how to handle the microphone and adjust it if needed, learnt how to speak in front of an audience with confidence, and danced with much gusto.

The children also went through a whole journey of physical, social and emotional growth, all thanks to this wonderful practice at MRIS Charmwood. They learnt social skills and started enjoying teamwork as well. All of them wanted their class’ performance to be the best. So there was an articulation of emotions as well, with a touch of competitiveness.

MRIS Charmwood gives such opportunities right from Toddlers. Our young ones come on stage and perform with a lot of happiness. The best thing about this practice is that it starts from Early Years and goes up to Grade XII.

Our school is able to balance out academics and co-curricular activities very well, thus ensuring holistic development of its students

Written By:- Ms Vasudha Dixit, Primary wing teacher- MRIS Charmwood