Emotional Intelligence – The Key to Healthy Relationships

In this blazing era of choices (advantages), impatience and insecurities (disadvantages), many of us enter into and exit from relationships at an increasing speed. Even if we are officially tied to that person, emotionally inside, we have withdrawn ourselves or have given up on our hopes and aspirations from that relationship which once seemed promising. Some result in apathy, while others in depression, and increasingly more in crime.

Many of us struggle to get our children to do what we want out of them and then there are others who seem to have perfectly well behaved children, acing in different aspects of their development.

Many of us, work day in and day out with all our intelligence and sincerity poured into our performance, and yet, at the time of appraisal or promotion, we feel overlooked/under recognized.

Meanwhile, some among us sail smoothly through their relationships be it at work or at home. They seemed to be liked by co-workers, trusted by their boss, respected by their spouse, obeyed and idolized by their children and cherished by all. What is the Secret to these people’s successes in personal as well as professional domains?

As psychological research suggests, it’s not cognitive intelligence, it’s not being a social butterfly or a people pleaser, nor is it being inauthentic. The key is to be ‘Emotionally Intelligent’.

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