Classroom Management: Key to Kick Start the Year

It is always said and believed that first impression is the last impression. In my seven years of teaching, I have realized that the way you kick start your year or day will decide the conclusion. A strong start is definitely a remedy to all obstacles and makes it easier to set foundational approaches.

Researchers have indicated that it takes a few seconds to make an impression about something or someone. So this leads us to the question, ‘What is expected from us as teachers so that we can maximize our first impression on students?’

According to child psychologist Haim Ginott, teachers are “the deciding element” of the environment of a classroom. Thus, on the first day of school, we must welcome students with warm smiles. We should help children with their seating plans, encourage them to maintain a good body posture, eye contact and request them to speak loudly and clearly.

Teachers should always encourage their students to keep their classrooms clean, set smart traffic flow rules and specific agenda board spaces to enhance the importance of discipline. It is pretty clear that whatever happens in the classroom in the initial days lays the foundation for the rest of the year.

Ice breakers are the most important task for a teacher. It is important for teachers and students to have smooth communication and relationship building. Thus students should be acknowledged with eye contact and a firm handshake.

Once you are done with foundation building, classroom management, sharing the syllabus and learning become a lot easier.

Written by:- Ms. Jahnavi Pathak, Primary and Middle wing teacher, MRIS Charmwood.

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