Balancing Sports and Academics

Balancing Sports and Academics

Balancing Sports and Academics

Balancing Sports and Academics

Balancing Sports and Academics



“Though teenagers are generally very much interested in sports, they must realize that education is the most important thing in their lives. They must find the right balance.”   Kapil Dev.

Life is about finding the right balance among our different endeavors. Striking the right balance solves the purpose of life. As we all know excess of anything and everything is not appreciated. Dedication to work and education is required but this devotion should not leave a person handicapped in dealing with the complexities of life. In short, life skills are very important. These should be inculcated once the child enters the school or even before, for example, cleaning their own shoes, carrying their water bottles, and many more itsy bitsy works. Similarly, parents should motivate their young ones to be on the playground and take interest in games. Sports help kids to be physically fit and mentally active. Indulging in Sports energize students to be keen learners and inquisitive to invent new projects or work on similar projects coming their way! Hence if academics is important for a child, sports and games are equally important!  Almost all institutions have started giving importance to extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

 We are happy to have this blog post published here to enlighten the masses about striking the right balance between academics and sports!


It is 7:00 am in the morning, and the huge, lush green field of Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46, Gurugram is already buzzing with different activities. The cheers of young boys playing cricket, young legs and feet juggling with the ball on the sound of constant, rhythmic whistle blown by the teacher, young Archers dominantly focused on their aim, and students involved in strenuous exercises building their strength, flexibility and endurance—it’s all happening simultaneously.  This is how a day begins for some students of MRIS 46one of the prestigious schools in Gurugram.

The mission of MRIS 46, Gurugram, is the holistic all-round development of a child. Preparing students with academic achievements is one of their pursuits, while providing equal opportunities to explore one’s strengths, honing intrinsic skills and preparing healthy and fit future ready next generation- is also what MRIS strives for.

Education gives foundation for a well-balanced and stronger society of well-rounded and self-sufficient individuals having great values. Academic achievements of an individual are directly linked to higher self-esteem and confidence, which helps in creating socially inclined citizens who can work towards the advancement and betterment of society. A quote by George Orwell, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them,” enunciates the importance of education. That is why MRIS 46, Gurugram gives utmost attention to impart such knowledge and education that empowers students not only to achieve success academically but also to think and create a new world.

While, the curriculum and methodology at Early Years and Primary Levels prepare students to cultivate 21st century skills, learning at middle and senior levels fortifies these skills further, instilling confidence to face challenges in life. Developing 21st century learning skills like collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creating; life skills like – Initiative, social skills, leadership, decision making, problem solving; literacy skills like information literacy, media literacy and technology literacy, encompass the academics at MRIS.

The core learning areas covering Languages, Arithmetic, Science, Social science, Arts both Performing and Visual) till middle school are complexly woven with 21st century skills into a curriculum that benefits students to thrive in an ever-changing global community. Little hands engaged with different age-appropriate activities to experience sound of students emanating from the classrooms with learning happening in collaboration is a regular sight in Manav Rachna International School till primary level. From Foundational Years till Elementary level, the most vital years of development in an individual’s life, the emphasis is laid on building and strengthening Reading, Writing and Comprehending abilities; computing Numerical abilities and developing Scientific temper keeping the approach of ‘application in life’. At middle and senior level, same capacities are bolstered further through nationally adopted CBSE curriculum. The teachers at every level are committed to inventing, improvising the entire teaching learning process so as to reach each and every student and help them to attain the common goal of academic achievement and success.

Another distinguished feature of MRIS is its unique Future Skills curriculum adopted at Primary level, which helps in programming tender brains of children to face and accept challenges, find viable solutions to a given problem and create ideas. It eventually introduces them to STEM that is adopted at senior level, thus preparing future ready learners.

Creativity and imagination are the essence of life. How these two amalgamate beautifully with academics is yet another feature of MRIS. The classrooms beam up with energy and enthusiasm with the creative ideas incorporated by the teachers to make learning more enriching. Whether it is integration of art with math, a science topic with role play or music in English class, the sky is limitless for creativity and imagination. Of course, the influence of this creativity is reflected in budding students writers, poets, artists and sculptors, who, under teacher’s guidance spread their wings to reach heights.

The concept of ‘what to think’ and ‘how to think’ corresponds with Inquiry- based pedagogy and inferential learning. This scientific approach is not limited to science, but is an indispensable part of academia in MRIS 46, Gurugram. This worldwide acclaimed approach, which is also given importance in NEP of India, is, in fact important for holistic development of a child.

For an all-round holistic development, yet another aspect needs to be accentuated, and that is Sports. Sports or any physical form of activity plays an integral part in one’s life. The principle of a fit body and a healthy mind, as a prerequisite for any achievement, is well acclaimed. Enhanced cognitive abilities, motor skills and memory functions of the brain are in direct relation with sports or any physical activity.  MRIS believes that while athletics, football, and swimming keep the body fit and develop stamina, yoga and gymnastics help in maintaining flexibility and calmness.

Other sports like archery and shooting develops focus and concentration. Board games like chess teach thinking and problem-solving strategies. Besides, sports inculcate 21st century soft skills like collaboration, team building and above all-Discipline which are important to become good leaders. Other life skills like patience, learning from failures, perseverance, healthy competitive spirit, will power and determination prepares one to keep moving till the goal is achieved. Hence, sports and academics are not separated but two faces of the same coin. Both have the similar outcomes and objectives of building future competencies of an individual. MRIS envisions that each student must develop strong mind with strong body, and for that, each one gets an opportunity. That is why, until primary level, children are exposed to different types of sports, after that they are trained as per their interest and abilities. Even, ’NEP 2020’, envisages sports as a part of curriculum with an emphasis on sports-integrated learning and adopting fitness as a lifelong attitude.

That is why, MRIS emphasizes on creating balance between Sports and Academics. Right from teaching basic skills at all class levels, to special training sessions, PE teachers do not leave any stone unturned to bring out the best in students. Like other academic teachers, the ambition of creating next generation achievers comes from their own sweat and level of involvement. There have been inordinate laurels brought in by students in past many years in different sports and academic areas at  State, National and International Levels. This assimilation of academics and sports at Manav Rachna School, leaves a person in awe of its far sightedness! Yes, MRIS 46, Gurugram is churns our STARS, both in the field of Sports and Academics!

Ideas and Views: Ms. Richa Pahuja, Academic Coordinator, Grade 1 and 2, Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46  Gurugram.