Awaken the power within you: Search- Scratch -Ignite

Humans are a special species of living organism who have been granted the intellect to realize that the source of energy lies within them. Just like electricity- the source of power passing through a heater and an air conditioner is the same  but the functions performed by the two are totally different. In the same way, the source of power is the same in all of us but how do we use it, depends upon us. Do we want to use it to keep ourselves heated all the time like a heater or do we want it to adjust the temperature of our emotions and feelings according to need of the hour? If any part of the heater or air conditioner gets damaged due to overuse, can we blame electricity for it? No, electricity was just the current, but that current was not utilized properly.


Friends, we have to search for that power within us and not blame the circumstances or time for everything wrong which happens to us. Our Brain is a very powerful unit in our body. It comes into existence at the time of birth and perishes with our death following a certain clock time. There is a stronger source of energy in the Universe which brings life to all from a single celled amoeba to a human beyond the clock time. The same power makes you sleep in deep sleep at night and get up every morning for a fresh start.


Have we ever witnessed the spread of a forest fire? A spark starts a fire among small leaves which spreads to an entire forest. In the same way, a thought arises in our brain as a spark, it starts the fire of feelings of love for some and hatred for another, compassion for one and jealousy for another. The fire spreads very fast as our emotions start controlling our actions and responses. This vicious cycle of thought, feelings and emotions can be broken only if we consciously try to seek the origin of thought and do not allow our brain play tricks with us. This vicious cycle acts like a magnet and starts attracting all the people and objects around us like iron nails. These people and objects get attached to us as me and mine. This attachment leads to rise in expectations from parents, children, relatives and friends; Expectations from job for higher profits; and Expectations of love, respect, honor in the society. The expectations are making us think about our future a time which we have not seen yet. We start dreaming and imagining about situations which when do not turn out to be true, leads to frustration and unhappiness. We cannot stop the thoughts and emotions from popping up in our mind, but we can consciously try to observe our thoughts as a third umpire in a cricket match.


We cannot control our thoughts, but we can control our responses to the thoughts. We cannot control the past or the future but can control our now.We can consciously try to eliminate all the source of unhappiness, stress or frustration which comes more through our responses than our bad luck or time.


This power inside me can help me maintain a balance in myself. It can keep my talkative mind silent. It can be my armor against hurt and damage. It can help me view the world, my life, my existence, my goal, my success from a different point of view. It can be my guiding light to prosperity. It can help me face any situation in my life. It can turn the journey of my life and help me face all storms. It can slowly help me control my ego and make me understand who I am.


Live in your now.. Live your best life with this power within you. You are the Universe and the Universe is you. It is this stillness that is the propeller of life.




Written By :- Ms. Poonam Budhiraja, HOD- SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, MRIS-46, Gurugram

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