Paragon Curriculum

Mosaica Education is the brain child of Gene Eidelman, President, Mosaica Education, Inc and Dr. Dawn Eidelman, President, Paragon Division & Chief Education Officer. The Program is an international leader in education reform, professional development and online education. It operates worldwide with programmes running in schools in United States, UAE, India and Turkey. The Paragon Curriculum is Mosaica Education’s proprietary program that is revolutionizing KG-12 education, and is available exclusively in Mosaica model schools

“We feel extremely elated to join hands with Manav Rachna International Schools in India as they offer an emotionally and physically safe learning environment, access to computers and technology, committed and qualified teachers and staff, and actively encourage parental involvement. These serve as pre-requisite pillars for the successful implementation of the Mosaica model propelled by Paragon. Together, we are making efforts to prepare our children to compete in an everchanging 21st century society and develop them as well-rounded individuals who are independent, critical thinkers, intrinsically motivated as lifelong learners.”
— Gene Eidelman, President, Mosaica Education Inc.


Manav Rachna International Schools (MRIS) have partnered with Mosaica Education Inc. to create a specialized academic programme for students (Grade 9-12). In addition to the full CBSE course work, students take supplementary courses to meet the requirements of American accreditation and have the option to graduate to high school with a traditional CBSE certificate, as well as an additional academic award that is granted by Mosaica Online Preparatory Academy, an accredited American school based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The additional academic award is equivalent to a US high school diploma and is recognized by colleges and universities globally. This is particularly helpful to students seeking admission to colleges or universities in the USA.

In addition to the full CBSE coursework, students are en-rolled in one American curriculum course per school term that is taught online via live streaming by a Mosaica teacher based in the US. To participate, students must be fulltime students at MRIS and must pass all 7 courses (one of which is taught in the USA during a special summer session in 11th grade), plus their CBSE components .


The school was established by Mosaica Education in 2009 in order to serve students desiring a rigorous academic experience enriched with Paragon global studies.


In addition to their full CBSE coursework, students are enrolled in one American curriculum course per school term that is taught online by a Mosaica teacher based in the United States, as well as a summer session in USA.


During the summer holidays of the 11th Class, the students go on a trip to the United States to take a month-long, intensive summer school course and enjoy cultural and educational excursions. In addition to the fun and cultural excursions, students visit top colleges and universities in the United States, participate in community service activities and meet with their college counselor.

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