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• IPC in primary classes is based on multiple intelligence theory

• Emphasizes entirely on learning and creating a learning environment

• Standards are explicitly described in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding, the program addresses the development of these skills through subjects, personal development and international understanding

• Teachers are trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using music, cooperative learning, art activities, roleplay, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection
and more

• Themes are developmentally appropriate and are suited to regional, national and global needs

• The understanding of the concept is done through thinking, analyzing, self evaluating, communicating and decision making The aim of the subject GES – Global Environment and Society is to help children develop personal skills, international mindset along with the awareness of their own society. It encourages more of hands on work, logical thinking and thus the smart MRites learn to become independent.



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Manav Rachna’s CREST (Culture in Retrospect for Evolution of Society with Technology) within the corridors of knowledge at MRIS has emerged as one of the leading and best choices in the country. Imparting education to students from Preschool to Class 12, the schools fully groom the students with holistic education. All MRIS schools are based on CBSE Curriculum, yet the schools provide more. Preschool onwards, the CREST curriculum, a fully integrated subject that embraces the social evolution through Arts, Music, Drama, History, Mathematics, Science and Technology from pre-historic time to the 21st century is meticulously woven into the studies.

The rich content of CREST follows a defined time line to truly enable the students to get in-depth knowledge and prepare them for global exposure. Specially appointed Academic Excellence Team including international staff develops the content for CREST and monitors its implementation. The choices of foreign languages (Spanish, German and French) along with Sanskrit and Indian Regional Languages are another facet of global studies. Three MRIS schools (Charmwood Faridabad, Sector 14 Faridabad and Sector 46, Gurugram) have the AdvanceED accreditation that recognises them as International Schools. At MRIS, the methodology of imparting instructions is unique with emphasis on learning by doing. The staff is also regularly trained from time to time under intensive In-service Staff Training Programme.



“Technoskills” is a project based learning curriculum developed by “Technoplanet” under which students explore fields like electronics, programming, carpentry, aero-modelling, architecture, design, robotics and develop skills needed in 21st century. During these training sessions students build projects/ working models and apply concepts they learn in their core subjects like science and maths. This program is run in state-of-the art-lab called Technoplanet Lab established in schools.

The SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME is a one-its-kind to introduce the innovation concepts. The Junior Techno-planet Lab with the support of MRIIC trains students in STEAM, the latest approach in modern education. In the middle school, students have wider choice to choose from 3 broad skills- IT SKILLS– (Robotics, Gaming, Artificial intelligence) CORE ENGINEERING SKILLS – (Aero modelling, Electronics, Mechanical, Carpentry) and AUDIOVISUAL SKILLS (Photography, Film making, Advertising and Media, Graphic designing, Digital designing). These skills enable the students to get an overall view of several streams and are supported by Career Development Centre. MRIS provides CAREER DEVELOPMENT SKILLS offering career choices, aptitude assessment and training in soft skills. MREI experts, guide students through an array of research choices and show their competence. From Core subjects to Global Studies to Innovative Technology based themes to Research Projects to Career choices, the CURRICULUM is RICHLY STRUCTURED to sculpt the future of young ones totally. The EXCLUSIVE TEXT BOOK CONTENT for students is created by a team of content developers.


AdvancED, a U.S based global organization that accredits educational institutions in the U.S & across the world, accredited Manav Rachna schools with a high score in all the five domains under review, and set the seal on the quality of education imparted by Manav Rachna schools. With Accreditation by AdvancED, Manav Rachna Schools have united with Global network of AdvancED accredited schools and have an access to the latest development in the educational field. ACCREDITED NCA CASI NWAC SACS CASI AdvancED.

• Purpose & Direction
• Governance and Leadership
• Teaching and Assessing for Learning
• Resources and Support Systems
• Using Result for improvement