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Nothing can match the feelings evoked in us, when alumni students come back and tell us that they miss school,the secure atmosphere and the protective and concerned teachers! 

It is a joy to welcome all the alumni who regularly visit the school and share their career paths, aspirations and their experiences as they work towards a secure future!

Alumni Talks  were initiated by MRIS- 46, in August 2017,to connect with our alumni so that they can inspire and share their experiences with the current students.  MRIS -46 aims to reach out to  maximum alumni members in order to promote stronger connections.

Beginning from the last academic session,many alumni members came to school and very willingly shared their experiences with the current batch of students.

Ayush Verma,class of 2013-14 is a marketing executive with Zomato . He interacted with the Commerce and Humanities students and enlightened them on how online retail is the new buzzword and the skills one must equip oneself with to be a cut above the rest.

Supraja Venkat,Class of 2014-15, is pursuing Law at the Amity Law school. She addressed students of the Humanities and Commerce stream on how to prepare for various Law entrance Examinations in our country,the cutoffs,various specializations and how data analytics is slowly creeping into the field of law so as to enable a perfect amalgamation of Law and Technology. Criminal and corporate law were a hot topic of discussion amongst the students.

Rohit Singh, class of 2012-13,trained our students for the opening Display for our Annual Sports Extravaganza SPORTEK in 2017. The children performed an energetic routine of Zumba,Aerobics and Yoga taught by our enthusiastic Alumni Rohit Singh. He is a well known and a very sought after  Zumba Trainer in Gurugram. He has been featured in Gurgaon Times and was a known face at Raahgiri.

Ria Nuhani, Class of 2012-13, a practicing Chartered Accountant interacted with the commerce students about this very sought after field. Investment banking,portfolio management and stocks and funds were animatedly discussed during this interaction.

Ashmita Ghosh, class of 2017-18, a brilliant psychologist in the making is pursuing an applied psychology undergraduate degree from the University of Dakota. She spoke to the students on applications abroad,top universities for psychology degrees and research facilities and oppurtunities that one can benefit from at American Universities.

All the alumni stressed on the importance of hard work and there being no short cuts to success!

We hope all our students conquer the world and are the epitome of humilty and excellence.

Let the Manav Rachna Alumni Connect grow from strength to strength!

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