MRIS  Noida students showcased their learning with yet another scintillating performance of Unit 2—“The Classical World”. Students of different grades explored variety of paragon sessions and experienced different creative activities of art. They have explored —“The ClassicalWorld” in various interesting ways . Learning with hands on approach is always fun and a long lasting experience since it involves students’ mind and heart. They were really enthusiastic and excited to share their learning and art work.  Grade – 1 students explored about the community and culture of Greece. They discovered that how people lived and worked together. They really enjoyed learning about the Greek Gods by making murals of Greek culture  Grade – 2 students went on a journey to the amazing tropical rainforests of the world. They studied about their climate, flora, fauna and people who used to live there.

They made beautiful rainforest rattles, rainforest murals, travel poster and much more. They infact created their own dance steps too which left everybody surprised. Grade  – 3 students gained knowledge about ancient China and got familiar with the lifestyle of Chinese people, their culture and how did the same get spreaded during the classical era. They learnt about the beliefs, ideas and values that were important to the people of that time. Students created water color collage, Qin Shi Quangoli’s time line and travel brochures too. Grade – 4 students too learnt about Greek civilization. They came to know about the geography of Greece, it’s golden age it’s democracy and many great philosophers of that country. They had fun learning and making Greece map, Greek alphabet, Greek theatre’s costumes and scrolls. Grade – 5 students too were not left behind in this journey. They learnt about Roman Empire: Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mosaic painting, Roman roads and cities in this unit. They made shields , groma paintings during the session. 

 Students took everybody present there to ancient era through their learning along with the joy ride of dance, music and creative exhibits. Our esteemed guests, parents and respected principal ma’am appreciated each and every child for the enthralling and spell – bound performance.


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