MRIS Noida invites you to its Paragon Assembly on September 20…

MRIS Noida is back again with Paragon Assembly to enlighten you all with the learning of theRenaissance and the New World’ which was one of the most dynamic and fruitful periods in the history of art, through the eyes of our bright, aspiring young learners.

 With large numbers of outstanding champs to be found in many centers and in all the major fields of painting, sculpture, and architecture, the great innovators in all these fields manifest a beginning of a new era in the history of art. The students depicted the countries’ culture through Photo Album of Elizabeth, Inca Houses, Perspective Paintings, Venice City Models, Solar System, Pan Pipes, Ponchos, King’s Scepter and Self Portraits etc.

 Our budding scientists and mathematicians are all geared up to show their learning of Unit 4-Renaissance and the New World amidst  Math, Science, GES, Hindi Drama activities through a joy ride of dance, music and creative exhibits.

 You are cordially invited to be a part of this eventful journey on September 20, 2014 at Manav Rachna International School ,Noida.