MRIS Noida celebrated Paragon Assembly in its campus today Nursery Grade students presented themselves with ‘all about me’ tag mentioning their names, their looks , their growth and friends and also done finger dip writing, charted their heights and painted their own portraits. Grade KG learnt about the Ancient Egypt and made ‘feeling faces’, drew self -portrait, Egyptian necklaces and bracelets to feel the part of that era. 

Students of Grade 1 explored the Paleolithic Era where they learnt about Stone Age people, their eating habits, their caves and cave paintings. Grade 2 students learnt about the Mesopotamia, their farming system and created clay pots, clay models and clay symbols. Students of Grade 3 found out ten elements of Culture in Indus Valley Civilization and made pasta necklaces, ancient seals and river models. 



Grade 4 students examined the Ancient Egypt and identified the main features of Civilization wherein they stepped into the shoes of Egyptians by making sandals and clothes. They also created Pyramids, Homes and Mummies. Grade 5 students unlocked the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and discovered interesting mysteries about Eco-facts and artifacts of that era. They made Bas-relief, Sarcophagus, Canopic Jars. 

 “This Assembly will create interest among students towards history and help them understand about different eras. We plan to bring more such interesting themes and activities for the students to make them learn about different subjects in a unique manner”, said Ms Sunanda Grover, Principal.