MRIS believes in learning through fun and when it’s learning Maths it is called Math-e- Magic.

Learning Mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable if it includes mathematical activities and games. Keeping this in mind, MRIS-51, Noida celebrated a week-long ‘Ganit Utsav’ wherein various activities were organized for the Students.

It included the Quiz-o- Mania in which a quiz was conducted for the Students of Grade IV, Maths Magic Tricks for Students of Grade III and a ‘T-10 Cricket Ramanujan Series’ for Grades V to IX. Students participated enthusiastically with true sportsman spirit. The conclusion of the event was made by drawing bar graphs on the data collected during the match. The audience comprising of the Students from Grades V to IX enjoyed watching and participating in the match. Students learnt the concepts of mathematics in a fun-filled and enjoyable environment.