Manav Rachna International School, Noida conducted the CREST Assembly of the third and fourth module where the students of the primary wing (Grade I to V) took their audience to different eras through their stories, role plays, enactments and musical saga.

The young scholars of Grade 1 welcomed their guests to a virtual fairyland created in their classrooms. They shared their knowledge about ‘The European Community in the Middle Ages – The Age of Fairy Tales’ and ‘Incas- The Tribes of South America’. They walked the ramp dressed up as cute little fairies and their song and dance performance won everyone’s heart.

Grade II students described the beautiful landscapes of Southwest American desert and the evolution of the Renaissance Period. They also dramatized the famous Robin Hood play and ended the assembly with a quiz.

Grade III students explored the Middle East during the Medieval Period. They enriched their audience about the lifestyle, culture, art and architecture of Medieval Spain and Portugal, Marco Polo and fascinating Arabian Nights. Parents were mesmerized by flamenco dance performance.

Grade IV students depicted their colourful and creative journey from Medieval Period to Renaissance through the presentation of their reports of research done on these eras. They explained the art and architecture of Medieval Europe and the evolution of Renaissance. The audience swayed to the song and were simply enchanted by their ramp walk.

Grade V students depicted the life of Vikings, the notorious raiders and plunderers from the far North. They also explored the village of Stratford-upon-Avon in England, the hometown of William Shakespeare. They enacted a play of ‘King Lear’ very enthusiastically, enjoying immensely whilst gaining some serious insight into the literature.

The guests enjoyed all the performances and praised the students and teachers for their zeal and hard work.