“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

This saying has been proven by the Students of MRIS-Noida, who exhibited their knowledge, skills and talents through their very first CREST Assembly in the new academic session. All the Students of Grade I to Grade V were excited to share their knowledge, through dance, drama, music, role play and gallery walk.

The little scholars of Grade I learnt about the life and need of people of prehistoric Europe.They did activities of cave making, fire making, clay pots and monuments, dice making, mirror making and huts with thatched roof, which gave them an insight of the challenges faced by prehistoric European people. The little champions took their audience to Stone Age. The parents were mesmerised with the wonderful instrumental music played by them.

Students of Grade II imbibed values while travelling through the life of Gautam Buddha and Jataka Tales. They learnt about his life from having a pleasant childhood to being a skilful archer till he attained enlightenment under the banyan tree in Bodh Gaya. Students enjoyed various story sessions and inculcated values like living in harmony, compassion, unity etc. They did many activities in this module such as colouring the Buddha template, drawing and colouring an elephant, making quail birds out of the paper plate and making a portrait of their best friend. The song which they sang in the assembly was a promise to absorb these values in their life.

Students of Grade III enjoyed learning about the two most well planned ancient cities of Indus Valley civilization. They role played and did various activities like making model of cities, drawing of Goddess Yamuna, painting pots, making a pulley, making clay amulets, female figurines and labyrinth. They ended their assembly with a melodious song which described the main features of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

Grade IV Students explored the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. They learnt about the evolution of life around river Nile. The Students participated in various interesting activities and made beautiful 3D models of -king Tut’s Tomb, Cat mask, The Great Pyramid of Giza and Mummy Case. The journey of Ancient Egypt came to an end with a role play enacted by the Students in the Crest assembly along with an Egyptian dance.

Grade V Students also learnt about Egyptian civilization. They learnt about their beliefs, rituals and practices, their agricultural practices and about river Nile. Students learnt about their belief in astronomy, agricultural tools. They also learnt about different Gods and Goddess of the Egyptian civilization. They learnt about Goddess Nut, God Horus, Anubis and many others. They learnt about the significance of river Nile, and the crops they used to cultivate. Students were amazed to know that river Nile was a blessing for the people as they were able to grow crops in abundance because of fertility of the soil owing to River Nile. Children enjoyed a lot and they surely were enriched with rich knowledge about Ancient Egyptian Civilization.