The club houses of MRIS Noida planned educative fun-filled activities that are important for the social growth and development of young children. Such activities also enhance the knowledge and creativity of students. 
Bodmas Club did Multiplication activity using straws and bindis and Tessellation activity through which they learnt about different geometrical shapes and created attractive designs.
Tech-Buzz club made a mechanical hammer through robotic kit. Budding Scientists in the Einstein Club did finger print activity to find the inner layer of skin and they behaved like little detectives throughout this activity.
Little Chefs made Cinderella mocktail using pineapple, orange, lemon juice and soda & fruits and in Handicrafts, octopus and paper bowl were made to enhance student’s creativity. Word Burst was conducted in WOW (World of Words) club in which students learnt to form words from letters. Bio-gradable dustbins were made in ECO club to create awareness among the children to go green and in Heritage club, students learnt about monuments of India. Club activities were very interactive and engrossing and thoroughly enjoyed by all students.