On September 17, various Clubs had planned educative fun-filled activities for the students which are important for the social growth and development of young children. These clubs provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and form relationships with adults. Some clubs focus on a specific area, thus allowing members to develop their skills and interests in that area. It also enhanced their knowledge and creativity.
 BODMAS CLUB did fractional activity using colored charts and Lattice multiplication activity through which they learnt about different & interesting methods of multiplication, TECH – BUZZ club made programme for working of Robot. Budding Scientists in the Einstein Club made balloon rocket through which students learnt that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Little Chefs made Chat Papdi and in Handicrafts, octopus and paper bowl were made to enhance student’s creativity. Word Burst was conducted in WOW (World of Words) club in which students listed the learnt words in the previous session. Rain water harvesting model was made in ECO club through which students learnt how to store rain water and use it and in Quiz Wiz club students enjoyed online quiz on the topic ‘ Inventions’. Club activities were very interactive and engrossing and thoroughly enjoyed by all students.