Understanding Technology! 

MRIS – Noida was brimming with enormous liveliness as the Students participated enthusiastically in astronomy club presentation. The goal was to furnish students with a variety of techniques and provide them with the exposure to advance technology. The day brought out the effective implementation of their hard work and imaginations into reality.

It succeeded various activities which included projects, live models, and experiments. Students formulated their vision in the form of Jantar Mantar model which explained the history, usage, and reason behind the formation of Jantar Mantar in Delhi. The four Yantra’s of the model were explained by the Students. The components were Ram Yantra, Jai Prakash Yantra, Samrath Yantra which is used to calculate the altitude and position of the sun using diverse techniques. Astrophotography was a guide prepared by the Students as a way to Barn door tracker which was used for #Astrophotography and the user could adjust the position, angle and frame of the camera manually. Hydraulic Rocket Launch was the special attraction of the day. Rockets were made up of plastic bottles which were projected into the air using water pressure. Students exhibited their innovation as they performed Comet making in which Students prepared mini Comets using Dry Ice, Soya sauce, Mud, and Water.

Various games and entertainment activities like Ring the Planet, Meteoroid Attack were also conducted. It was a day wherein learning was transformed into knowledge.