Principal’s Message – MRIS Ludhiana

PRAJ9789-1Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, the youngest entrant to the Manav Rachna family  got on board on 6th April, 2015. In a very short span of time, the School has carved a niche for itself in the city of Ludhiana. The School has received an overwhelming response from the people of Ludhiana. It is fast emerging as the most sought after, one of its kind premier-league institution in the city. The state-of-the-art matchless infrastructure that includes a centrally air-conditioned campus, a lavish sports facility(that houses almost any sport that one can think of), class apart library and labs, indoor and outdoor play station for young learners with a splash pool, utility oriented music, dance and art room, a beyond belief Lego Land etc. The School is proud to provide bus service to all the corners of the city. The buses are air-conditioned and are loaded with facilities like GPS and CCTV cameras. Besides a well -trained driver and conductor, the buses ply efficiently with a teacher and nanny for students’ safety. All statutory requirements with respect to the transport facility are being met by the School. The whole campus is under CCTV surveillance to ensure student and staff safety at all times.

MRIS LDH not only promises a world class infrastructure but is also committed to academic excellence through its international Curriculum- PARAGON(Mosaica Education, U.S.A), International Primary Curriculum and an extremely comprehensive i- Carnegie Robotics progamme. To deliver this wonderful curriculum, the School has highly qualified and competent teachers; who are being trained at regular intervals by  Manav Rachna Academic Excellence team. The rigorous and periodical training is a reflection of the Schools’ commitment to quality not only towards the infrastructure but also towards academics. The scho

ol accepts the uniqueness of the students as individuals and practices differential learning to ensure all learn in its premises. The curriculum is so designed that it allows sufficient room to all the learners to learn at their pace.  The focus is on clarity of concept and not on rote learning.

While the School focuses on individual learning, it makes provisions for collaborative learning too. The students are given a host of opportunities to work in groups.  Such exercises are being undertaken keeping in mind the present milieu. The world today belongs to those who have a huge social capital; the successful are those who learn to adapt. It’s not “I” but “we” that matters. When students work in a group, they learn to accept the limitation and capabilities of self and the other members too. They understand the significance of a common goal which is over and above individual interests.  They imbibe values like patience, empathy and resilience without any sermons. The research shows that in the times to come an individual would change eleven jobs in one lifetime. The skills needed to survive in such circumstances are being taken care of while students learn at MRIS LDH.

We endeavor hard to build skills needed to live a fuller life right from the prime of a student’s life. Our students start working in learning centers when they are as young as 1.6 years. The teachers allow freedom to choose the learning center of their choice. This is being done to cater for multiple intelligences prescribed by Howard Gardener. When a child picks up the learning center of her choice, she is validating her emotions and exercising her wisdom to make a decision; an ability that a lot of us lack as adults. We empower our students to reflect, validate and make decisions for themselves. This in turn helps them to become confident individuals who know their mind and heart well. When our students attempt Personal Connect Journaling after PARAGON sessions, they learn to reflect and their thinking skills are being whetted. If MRIS LDH promises to shape students into confident individuals who take the world into their stride, it does so with its well-designed curriculum that includes practices that ensure development of values and principles needed for life. The School prepares students to live a balanced life not with quick fix solutions but habits that ensure personal and professional success.

While we work to enable students become sensible, we ensure they are sensitive to their fellow-beings. We work equally well on the head and the heart. At MRIS LDH, we have succeeded in building a community that is sensitive to the needs of those they are surrounded with. We believe strongly in stakeholder participation which means students, teachers and parents along with the School management work hand in hand to build a sensible and sensitive MRIS LDH.

May God bless us!

Shilpi Gill