Principal’s Message – MRIS Ludhiana

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history”.

As I sit back and ponder to write to you, I wish to share the vision I have for my school. Our objective is to prepare our students as holistic individuals who can face the challenges of life strongly. Our education system has an important role to play in the formative years of a child, if we want him/her to retain an open mind and an exploratory temperament. We aim to teach our children ‘How to think? rather than ‘ What to think’ ?

Rightly said children see magic because they look for it. Best of the artists, writers and scientists derive their success from accumulation of knowledge and experience through the years but at the same time benefitting from the innate qualities of child like curiosity which was nurtured in them during the years of their early development and education.To provide knowledge with purpose and relevance, we have created a culture of academic rigour and competitive excellence along with special focus on all round development of the students.

Parents and we at MRIS share a common goal and we are the custodians of the future of our children. Together we have to strive to make our children reach the apex of success. To achieve this, we need to motivate them. The best way is to make them feel an important part of the home and school, not only as children but as contributors. I am sure that we will succeed in incorporating sense of responsibility among children who will turn in to dependable citizens.

May God bless us!

Dr. Rupali Saini
M.A.PhD (Eng). LL.B, M.Ed.
MRIS Ludhiana