Workshop on CCE and Classroom Management at MRIS-LDH

A workshop on CCE and Classroom management was conducted by Ms. Navneet Kaur Ahuja, CBSE Trainer, CCE Classroom management and Life Skills for all the teachers at MRIS, Ludhiana.

In the session, Ms. Ahuja focused on the innovative methodology of teaching in the classroom as required by CBSE. She explained the Scholastic and Co-scholastic aspects of the CBSE curriculum which have to be followed religiously in the classrooms. She also addressed the concerns of the teachers about the system of evaluation and further explained how important it is to practice differential learning in the classroom and understand the different needs of students in the learning process.

Ms. Ahuja empowered the teachers to incorporate all the life skills prescribed by CBSE into their lesson planning. She further explained that FAs should be based on activities conducted in the classroom by the teachers to reduce stress amongst the students. Ms. Ahuja also emphasized upon the importance of language for the acquisition of appropriate knowledge. The parameters of grading and assessment were clarified further for the teachers. It was also suggested that the teachers should sit together department wise to plan projects and activities as teaching in isolation does not yield optimal results. All the teachers at MRIS-Ludhiana were quite satisfied and enthusiastic about giving a new shape to the future of their students by following the CCE pattern of CBSE.

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