Manav Rachna International School believes in working in unison with the parents to ensure holistic development of the children. The school makes earnest endeavour to communicate well with parents and keep them abreast with the needs of the new generation.

A workshop: Mindful parenting-Bridging gaps and building bridges with Gen X for parents was organised at MRIS- Ludhiana. Ms. Avneet Kaur, a renowned psychologist from Delhi shared that generation of young people born are growing up in an environment that is characterized by rapid social media and globalization and the young minds need great parental support. Generation gap has always drifted relations and has been a cause of controversies. She briefed the parents on how they can provide their optimum support so that children grow to become resilient, productive and compassionate human beings. She empowered the parents to handle adolescence well and develop a strong bond with their children. The parents clarified their doubts during the interactive session. The workshop concluded with a hope to build strong bridges by developing effective parenting skills.

Ms. Avneet Kaur also conducted a workshop to empower Students of Grades IV to VIII to handle the topsy-turvy teens.