Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana believes in working in unison with parents to ensure holistic development of the students. The School makes earnest endeavour to communicate well with parents and keep them abreast with how their children learn in School. Manav Rachna International School follows international practices to ensure children grow into happy and intrinsically motivated leaners who are high on E.Q. In order to bring the parents on the same plane as is the School, a workshop was organised for the parents of Nursery and K.G. Mrs. Shilpi Gill, Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana conducted an interactive session for the parents. She shared how the curriculum is delivered at School envisaging the uniqueness of every child. She apprised the parents with how the School undertakes literacy and numeracy keeping linguistic development and concept clarification as focus. Ms. Gill helped parents to understand the ‘why’ of certain practices at school by asking parents to reflect upon their own kindergarten years.

Through this reflection, the parents were able to better comprehend how traditional practices do not benefit children any longer. The parents participated enthusiastically to learn the phonic song. It was pure delight to witness them sing and enact the song with teachers. This was a clear cut reflection of how involved they are in their child’s progress. Ms. Gill shared how learning centres are used to undertake purposive play and differentiated instruction. She also drew their attention to the role of sports in children’s life. She emphasised that sports not only offer an opportunity to sweat out but also help students to handle their emotions as they win and lose every time on the field. The parents were also told about the importance of reading to children every night. An interactive session was also conducted where in parents were encouraged to ask questions and resolve their doubts. Ms. Gill also shared the significance of Parent Initiative Activities. The parents expressed their gratitude for empowering them to contribute significantly to their child’s journey of learning at school.

MRIS follows international practices to deliver the curriculum in order to ensure holistic development of students. In lieu of that, a phonics workshop was conducted for the parents of nursery to enhance the child’s communication and literacy skills. This workshop was provided to understand the importance of phonics and to get an idea how phonics is taught in the school and also to understand the progression through phonics phases and how to support and develop the child’s learning. Just helping the parents understand what and how we teach, bridges the gap between parents and teachers. They were also described some of the important skills that the children are expected to grasp and how parents could help and support.

During the interactive session, parents were explained about some of the important skills and they also participated in guessing the sound activity and numerous games related to phonics. This systematic synthetic programme designed to teach children to read, write is not only enjoyable, but also gave useful tips to the parents on how they could apply different methodologies to make the teaching-learning process more interesting for their children. Parents were very eager to attend this workshop and left with new ideas. They were fully excited to be a part of this session. They did all the actions of  jolly phonics and they enjoyed participating in different activities.

Ms. Shilpi Gill, Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana appraised the audience about the importance of phonics education. She explained that phonics is a fun filled child centred approach to literacy that helps the child to comprehend what he/she needs. It also helps in acquiring more vocabulary on daily basis. She thanked parents for sparing their precious time out from their busy schedule. “We feel these workshops benefit the parents by giving them an understanding as to how they too can be a huge part in that learning process.”

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