Two-Day “Induction Programme” for teachers of Early Years

“Life as a teacher begins the day when you realize that you are always a learner.”

To support the growth and professional development of teachers, MRIS LDH organised a two days “Induction Programme” for the teachers of Early Years under the flagship of Ms.DeepikaChaudhary Curriculum Developer and Trainer ,Member of Academic Excellence Team headed by Ms.SanyogitaSharma,Director,MRIS and College of Education. Developer and Trainer. It provided an enhancement to the working environment and the set-up of the employee within the organisation.

The mentor explained the importance of various learning centres like# Sand play area #Role play corner #Manipulative area #Creative corner etc. Various ways to use different learning centres in our happy learning classroom were discussed. She explainedthat we need to know how children learn and grasp easily so that the age appropriate and child centred learning experience can be created for the child.This stimulates visual skills, improves communicative skills, listening skills and develop motivation that arises from a sense of autonomy and freedom. The mentor emphasized how circle time should be conducted and the teaching methodology adopted must be in the interest of the students. The teachers gave the practical demonstrationon story telling session during circle time.

The workshop was veryinteractive; several handouts were given to the teachers as they worked in groups to elaborate the questions according to different levels of critical thinking- cognitive and psychomotor skills. The revised version of “Bloom’s Taxonomy” was discussed to help plan effective instruction and challenge students to move from basic skills(remember) to more complex learning which leads to higher order thinking(creating).

A video giving a brief insight on the Multiple Intelligences advocated by specialist, Howard Gardner was shared with the team. The teachers were briefed about the multiple intelligence theory through a power point presentation.

Reading is essential for child’s success. All too often, the barriers faced by children with difficulty reading outweigh their desireto read and, without proper guidance, children never overcome them. The mentor discussed the significance of guided reading and independent reading stating that the strategies will help students to be become fluent and skilled readers independently. Different Vowel Consonant and Consonant Vowel Consonant blending and segmenting activities were the highlight of the workshop.

According to psychology, each individual perceives the same knowledge differently. So, we need to be specific with the instructions and the same was proved conducting a paper activity. Two day Induction Programme concluded with the jolly phonics workshopwhich made the environment lively.Overall, it was highly interactive and application based session.

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