Just imagine the joy of a Toddler if driving a bus, car, jeep, pick-up truck, motor bike – all happen in a day. Sounds like a dream! This dream did come true when Toddlers of Manav Rachna international School, Ludhiana enjoyed the Edutrip to Dada Motors, Ludhiana. The Edutrip was planned keeping in mind the current theme:  On the Move. During the visit, the kids got an opportunity to learn and explore a host of means of land transport. Children were thrilled to see different coloured cars in the show room.  They were told that these vehicle are called automobiles, they have wheels, carry a small number of passengers and are moved by an engine. The teacher explained them about the usage of doors, tyres, engine, steering, breaks etc.  The children’s joy knew no bounds to get behind the wheel of a big bus. They learnt about two, three, four and six wheeled vehicles. They understood the difference between public and private vehicles. The imaginary ride on the bike brought a big smile to the children’s faces.  This was an enriching and memorable trip for students.  Along with that, the tiny tots learnt to socialize as they got a chance to interact with the team of Dada Motors. Overall, it was a fun filled learning experience for the little ones.

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