MRIS believes that a positive and happy atmosphere in school coupled with the provision of variety of experiences that promotes development in a meaningful manner. Theme Assemblies enable the children to make meaningful connections among the different concepts and develop holistic understanding of the world around them.

Last Special Assembly of the session 2016-17 was organised for Early Years where the children were given an opportunity to showcase their learning about the theme. There was a mixed feeling as the tiny tots were excited to be promoted and at the same time it was difficult to say good bye to the existing one.

The parents were welcomed by teachers and they introduced the theme and apprised them all with how children have been progressing in School. Children were excited to begin the assembly with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra, preceded by a thematic symposium by the children that included dialogues by every child, theme based rhymes and dance performance.

With respect to the theme‘Let’s Pretend’, the tiny tots of Nursery showcased their learning about community helpers and their importance to our lives. Children enthralled the audience with their rhythmic and poetic performance. The vibrant and colourful costumes of the little ones added sparkle to the event.  Parents were amazed at the confidence of the little stars.

‘Every ending has a new beginning’. So we wish them best of luck for their future.