MRIS, Ludhiana, aims at giving the best to its students and believes that to nurture willing learners, the teachers should be learners themselves.The teachers at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, exemplified their keenness to learn through research by creating classroom resources to enhance ABL in the classrooms. They put up an exhibition in the school campus to display their innovative resources related to their own area of expertise in education. The teachers were assigned the task of creating some resources which could be utilized for delivering the curriculum in the classrooms in the best possible way. Each one displayed two resources for specific grade levels. The Early Years’ teachers displayed wonderful resources related to Literacy, Numeracy, Skill development and much more to offer opportunity for concrete learning to the young learners. The teachers of Junior and Middle school also displayed the resources they created, to make the teaching learning process fruitful, interesting and full of fun.

Teachers-Exhibition-8They covered all the subjects- be it the languages- English, Hindi and Punjabi, or the other subjects of Science, Social Science and Mathematics. Even the activity teachers displayed the set of resources which could help the students have better exposure and practical understanding of the concepts related to Computer Science, Robotics, Art, Music, Dance and Sports. As everyone at MRIS-LDH very well understands the importance of Reading, a separate corner was also created to display the resources which could help teachers develop the love for reading books. The teachers also wrote the review of the books they read in the vacation and gave valid reasons to recommend the book to other colleagues.

Ms. Shilpi Gill, Principal, MRIS-LDH was delighted and amazed to see the efforts made by the teachers to work with the students using such innovative techniques. She appreciated all of them and also highlighted the importance of being creative and thoughtful to do something different and interesting with the students and keep them involved in the learning process. She also told the importance of handling them carefully in the present day milieu to help them grow into willing learners. Ms. Gill appreciated the teachers’ initiative to create resources thereby contributing to creating happy classrooms. A Resource Room has been set up in the School; all the teachers have access to the resources to make learning a joyous experience for the students. MRIS LDH shall continue to undertake such constructive ventures in the times to come.


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