“Stories are the engines of our imaginations”

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana leaves no stone unturned to create opportunities where in children can think, reflect and develop their emotional quotient, a pre-requisite to success in the present milieu. The school goes the extra mile to ensure children learn to create and innovate during their stay at School. Keeping in view this goal, a story telling session was organised for the children. Story telling is an interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination. It is the most powerful way to put ideas into the words. Telling stories helps young learners associate images in the story book and develop their visualisation and imagination.

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana invited Ms. Shikha Sood, the Resource Consultant for Scholastic India for a story telling session with the students. Ms. Shikha conducted three story telling sessions with the students of Toddlers to Grade III.  Ms. Shikha employed voice modulation, gestures, rhyme, rhythm and singing to draw students’ attention. She gave wings to her imagination to make it a wonderful experience for the children. The children listened to the stories of The Rolling Pumpkin, The Blue Bird and The Cat and Porridge with rapt attention. She involved the kids by asking reflective questions. The expression on the children’s face reflected that they could draw visual images while they listened to the stories. Some of the students also added their own viewpoint about the story; this added a flavour to the session. The children had a great time listening to the stories.

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