Learning Math at MRIS has always been a fun fair. Activities and games for concrete learning, experiential learning through Edu-trips and other initiatives coupled with an opportunity for abstract thinking enables the learners to develop a strong hold on the concept.

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana celebrated the birth anniversary of the great Mathematician Dr. S. Ramanujan- ‘The man who knew infinity’ on 22nd December, 2016 as the National Mathematics Day.

The students at MRIS-LDH had a fun-filled day while learning Math through various games. They were brimmed with joy while attempting all the games and activities planned for them. They participated with full zeal and enthusiasm in this entire learning spree. The tiny tots of Early years enjoyed doing Hanger activity for heavy and light, counting numbers using buttons and writing numbers with clay. The students of Grades I, II and III enjoyed themselves while playing with numbers at the Bowling Alley. They also tried their hands on Pattern making by using beads, pasta, and mirrors. Grades IV and V played with numbers while solving Sudoku. The Middle School Students learnt some quick tricks of Vedic Mathematics to make the calculations faster. It was certainly a day of learning while playing because Mathematics is not about numbers, equations or computations, it is all about Understanding.