DSCN0072Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana firmly believes that sports play an integral role in the holistic development of the children. A child learns to handle both victory and defeat on the sports field. Besides acquiring fitness, quite a many of life’s lessons in dealing with emotions, validating them, working in a team beyond individual goals are learnt when children play.  Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana celebrated National Sports Day on 2nd September, 2015 in respect and honour of Major Dhyan Chand, the hockey wizard. His birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day on 29th August every year. The special celebrations were planned to encourage students to follow the footsteps of the great sports veteran, Major Dhyan Chand and labour strenuously to place India in the list world champions. The students have been preparing for this special day for quite some time. The School has organised special coaches for all the games. Every class has a sports period every day. This has been incorporated into the time table to ensure students sweat it out in the sports field and lean skills for life.

DSCN0098The celebrations started with a Special Sports Assembly wherein the students attempted P.T drill. The students were apprised with significance of the National Sports day and the manner in which sports can shape their life. Many Sports competitions were organised for the students to celebrate the day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Early Years’ students participated in a series of athletic events. The enthusiasm of the students knew no bounds. The cheer on their faces was clearly evident. They cheered each other up to reach the finish line first. The students of Grades I and II vied with each other in the skating rink. They looked remarkable in their skating gears. None could believe that the young learners had acquired the skills in a short span of three months.  Table tennis competitions were organised for Grades III to VII. The students looked quite adept while competing with each other. Thanks to the wonderful sports infrastructure and the coaches! The School also has an automated table tennis table to help students whet their skills.

A 100 m race was also organised for the teachers. The students bucked up their favourite teachers with loud cheers. Besides the race, a friendly cricket match was also organised between students and teachers. Thunderous applause at every hit echoed in the whole campus. The students and teachers had tints of glow on their cheeks; the day strengthened their bond and offered a new opportunity to connect emotionally with each other. The children were awarded medals by Mrs. Shilpi Gill, Vice-principal, Manav Rachna International School. Speaking on the occasion she said that the school is making every possible effort to ensure all the students participate in sports activities by providing the requisite facilities in terms of infrastructure and coaches for every sport. She congratulated the students and teachers for making the event a great success. Addressing the students, she said that in lieu of criticising India for not doing well, they should slog to bring laurels for their country and place it in the list of champions at the international level. The students and teachers prayed for the success of Indian women Hockey team in the Olympics. Ms. Gill remarked that Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana shall continue to organise many more sports events in the times to come.