Paragon Assemblies are certainly a treat to witness; different cultures across the globe are showcased by students using art, music, dance and dramatics. The joy that students experience during Paragon sessions is clearly reflected in the enthusiasm with which they perform in the Paragon assemblies. This time too the students were all excited to share their learning with the parents. The parents were extremely delighted to witness the art work of every student. It reflected their creativity and learning. The exhibits displayed were all about the themes being covered in Unit 1 of Paragon. The students of Grade II presented their assembly on the theme “Mesopotamia”. They spoke about Sumer and the life people led there; about Rivers Tigris and Euphrates which surrounded Mesopotamia and helped to make the soil fertile which was the main reason for farming there. They threw light on the religious beliefs of the people of Mesopotamia. They displayed their models of Sumerian houses and clay pots. Music and dance were thoroughly enjoyed by the parents. The students of Grade III presented their assembly on “Indus Valley Civilization”.

They travelled through the land of Ancient India and explored the Indus Valley Civilization through an enactment. They spoke about their agriculture, architecture, beliefs, games, culture and basic needs of drinking, food, washing, transport etc. They spoke about how the cities like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were designed. The students displayed the artifacts like jewellery, kites and clay pots created by them. The students of Grade IV showed the various aspects of “Ancient Egypt” like the culture, geography, script and beliefs through an enactment. The Egyptian style of writing and the jewellery worn by Egyptians were displayed. They demonstrated the mummification process in an interesting way. A song on mummification was sung and the students even danced to the Egyptian music. The students of Grade V presented their Paragon Special Assembly on “Ancient Egypt”. They reconstructed the past by stepping into the shoes of the archaeologists. The students had created a virtual Egyptian tomb and had put various artifacts outside the tomb. Then the students stepped into the shoes of archaeologists (through a role play) responsible for discovering the tomb of King Tutankhamen and interpreted what the tomb had to say about ancient Egyptian life and beliefs.

They displayed various methods used to explore the ruins and the remains of the Ancient Egypt. They introduced various Egyptian gods and goddesses who were an integral part of their daily life.  The students further displayed their models on Canopic Jars, Sarcophagus, mummies and Map of Egypt which they had created in the class with the help of their Paragon teachers. The song sung by the students and the dance performance on the song -“Come help me dig” served as an icing on the cake. Everyone rocked to the tune of the dance numbers. The students had put in their heart and soul in putting up the show. They were very excited to perform in front of their parents. The information given by the students and their creations left the parents spellbound. The parents felt amazed and happy to see the knowledge gained by their children. Overall it was an exciting and eventful journey which helped us to know about the different worlds. Ms. Shilpi Gill, Principal MRIS, Ludhiana congratulated the teachers and students for putting up the show. She appreciated the efforts of the students and wished them luck for future. She said that Paragon is a wonderful opportunity to learn history the right way; purged of any rote learning. The children are fortunate to be exposed to a chance of comparing and contrasting their present with the learning of past. Also, their vocabulary improves manifolds through Paragon.

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