To make students realise how a mother toils day and night for the well- being of her children and be grateful for all that a mother does, a Special Morning Assembly was organised on 6th May, 2016. It was presented by the Fifth Graders. The assembly began with the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra followed by a thought for the day. The students also expressed their views about how important mothers are.  All the students spoke on the mike with utmost confidence. One of the students recited a beautiful poem called “Mothers are Special”. A play named “I Want My Mother Back” was enacted by the students to showcase the importance and uniqueness of mothers in our lives. Through the enactment, the students conveyed the message that mothers do everything for the well -being of the children; even when they scold they scold for their benefit. The assembly ended with some brainstorming through a quiz for the students of Grades I to VIII. All the students participated enthusiastically in the quiz. They also shared their ideas about making Mother’s day special for their mothers. Ms Shilpi Gill, Principal MRIS, Ludhiana appreciated the efforts put in by the students of Grade V. She told them to shower loads of love and affection on their mother and cherish every moment spent in their company. She reminded the students to request their mothers to be present for Mothers’ Day Celebrations on 7th May, 2016.

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