Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana keeps undertaking initiatives to keep children abreast with happenings in their country and around the world. To enable students to understand the present milieu, Special Assemblies were organized on the themes of Make In India, Drought Stricken India and Impact of Mobiles for Grades VI, VII and VIII respectively.

The day started with Grade VI highlighting the positives about their motherland. Today, when we wake up we get to read newspapers laden with all that is wrong in the country, we at Manav Rachna International School are making an effort to instill patriotism and raise students who are proud citizens and not the ones who want to go abroad because they do not find any worth in their country. The students apprised the parents with the concept of ‘Make in India.’ They enthralled the audience with an extremely meaningful song composed by the School Music teacher. An enactment showcasing how products made in India are way better than others was certainly an eye opener for all. The students displayed their acting skills and won applause. The poems and speeches were certainly motivating for the audience. The cherry on the cake was the well -coordinated dance performance.

Grade VII went one step ahead in showcasing their skills. They conveyed the message of looking after the water resources available in the world. The song composed by the School music teacher tickled the funny bone on one hand and communicated how the world without water would be. Speeches and poems showcased children at their best. The enactment depicted various scenes from everyday life where in we while away the elixir of life. There was a laughter riot in the hall. However, the children conveyed their sentiment successfully by flavouring the enactment with humour and their exemplary acting skills. The dance performance was the show stopper.

Grade VIII students stole the show with their enthusiasm and confidence. The backdrops created by them drew everyone’s attention. The song and poems composed by the school teachers conveyed the theme emphatically. The hilarious enactment filled the hall with a laughter riot. The children danced with utmost grace and poise. The compering, the acting, the confidence impressed the parents. The parents were extremely delighted to witness their ward progress so well at Manav Rachna international School, Ludhiana. Their joy knew no bounds to see their children happily well settled in School. Mrs. Shilpi Gill, Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana applauded the effort of students and teachers. She congratulated them all. She also thanked the parents for being participative in their children’s development. Ms. Gill encouraged the parents to spend time with their children, communicate freely and understand their needs.

with middle school students of Manav Rachna International school, Ludhiana presented the first theme based assembly of the session 2016-17. Grade  VI selected the theme ‘Make in India’, Grade VII showcased  our world in water crisis  and the theme for grade VIII was ‘Connection failed”showcasing the detorating relationships and smartphones becoming serious rifts in the relationships. Through poetry the students apprised the parents and the songs presented by the students were an eye opner to all as to over indulgence in the virtual world and getting away from the real world. Dance performances were presented by the students which enthralled the audience and left them spell bound.

At this critical juncture,there is a strong need to negate the undesirable impacts of these changes and inculcate the right approach in the young students. They need to be trained to view life holistically and creatively, face challenges in life through self-actualization. We at Manav Rachna  International School, Ludhiana endeavour to embibe in children the values like team work, national integration, environmental values and values of peaceful co-existence for a global society and promote the various life skills to face the challenges and adversities of life and forge ahead to take themselves. Their society & the country to new heights.

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