Learning is pleasurable but, Doing is the height of enjoyment

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana aims to inculcate fun-filled learning to make the students inquisitive learners for a lifetime. Therefore, the curious minds and hands are involved in engaging activities that help them to learn to the optimum. To make learning as well as teaching a memorable experience some hands-on activities were planned for Grades I and II. These activities involved the students to the optimum and widened their perspective towards the facts and opinions. The students of Grade I and II were introduced with the concept of Even-Odd numbers and Charms of Planets that added some interesting facts about the universe and planets to their knowledge bank.

The class was divided into even and odd numbers and in a play way method, the concept was explained to the students. Everyone enjoyed the activities as it was a delightful learning experience to inculcate ‘Learning by Doing’.

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