Language Development For Students

“Tell me and I forget Teach me and I may remember Involve me and I learn”

To foster the Holistic development of students, fun-filled learning and innovative teaching is a regular feature of MRIS, Ldh. The activities were designed to promote hands-on learning as it is well known that hands-on experience is the key to build in inquisitive learning tendencies.

Many activities were planned for the little ones such as Pat a Tricky Word- students separated the tricky words out of all the other words with a Pogo stick Aao Sikhen-The students matched the pictures with their letters-Hopscotch Skip Counting- Students jumped on skip count by 2’s-Guess Who I am- students said aloud the Hindi letters and their objects-String the Skip Count- The Students used shoelaces to string up the numerals in skip counting by 2’s and Lets Say a Word- Wherein the students used their blending skills to say the words and the little ones enjoyed the activities.

It was a great opportunity for language development of the students. The teachers constantly encouraged their students by cheering and applauding for them.

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