Kindergarten students of MRIS Ludhiana went on a Picnic


It has been quite rightly said that the heart of education lies in education of the heart. And … a child’s heart not only seeks knowledge but also yearns for fun because that is learning through exploring and enjoying. Therefore Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana provides its students a rejuvenating break to learn and enjoy through excursions like the ‘Annual Class Picnic’.

Finally it was a day for ‘Picnic at the Park” for the students of Kindergarten. The morning came with some of the best possible weather for the kiddo’s picnic. In order to enjoy the nature, it is necessary to become a part of the silence” -The true meaning of this was understood by the students of our school after an enriching experience in the park with greenery all around and blooming flowers to soothe their eyes.

The fun started as they enjoyed different games enthusiastically and were overwhelmed to see the colourful surroundings with balloons, toys and sumptuous food. All the students danced with great energy on the thumping dance numbers. Even the teachers could not resist the luring temptation of the dance floor. The students had pleasure dancing with their friends and enjoying the liberty of spending some memorable time with their classmates. After the dance, the little ones played games with their teachers with great enthusiasm and merriment.

After a tiring and fun packed morning, all the students headed for lunch. The arena filled with the fragrance of food triggered everyone’s hunger and all relished multi-cuisine food. They thoroughly enjoyed this day with their peers and by the end of the picnic, children had created wonderful memories and a rejuvenated spirit. It was indeed a wonderful day filled with fun, frolic and ecstasy.

The parents had already been waiting for their children. Everyone had a big smile on their faces that indicated that they had great fun.

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