Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana works on developing team work and prepares the students to build social capital by undertaking activities and exposing students to real life situations on a regular basis. The School firmly believes in experiential learning. Keeping in mind the concept of collaborative learning, the School organised a Robotics competition at Junior level for Grades I-III. The School follows the complete Robotics curriculum for students of all the grades in association with the world famous University for Engineering and Robotics-Carnegie Melon University, U.S.A. All the students from Nursery to Grade VII learn robotics in regular classes. They work in teams to achieve a common goal and become an adept team player. Not only this, exposure to similar situations also helps them develop emotional quotient while they learn to cooperate with each other. The students of Grades I-III reflected their learning about the concepts of science and technology through the construction of models using LEGO blocks. The teams comprising 2-4 students each created different structures and completed them in a stipulated time. The teams also presented the models they had made by explaining about them and answering various questions. They were adjudged on the basis of creativity, precision and team work. The students actively participated in the competition and displayed an amazing combination of their learning and creativity. The winning teams were selected from each class.

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