My State My Country My World

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana follows a GLOCAL approach when it comes to the delivery of curriculum. While the School exposes students to different cultures across the globe, it makes earnest efforts to make them aware about their country and their immediate local environment and its socio-cultural components. Keeping in view this GLOCAL approach where in students not only learn about the globe or the world but also about their locale, the School organised a trip to P.A.U. Museum for the students of Nursery. The museum houses everything associated with the culture of Punjab. This visit was organised to facilitate their learning of the theme- My Country My World. As a School, this was our endeavour to keep them rooted in their culture and in turn take pride in where they belong. We did succeed in our effort as the young learners had a joyous learning session at the museum. They were excited to be at the museum amidst so many unseen things and objects. Their curiosity knew no bounds. The pieces of antique furniture that reflected the Punjabi way of life drew their attention. They compared the kitchen in their house with the one at the museum. The teachers briefed the young learners about agriculture being the main occupation of Punjabi people. The sight of the spinning wheel brimmed the children with excitement as they have been learning about it in connection with the story of Mahatma Gandhi. The glimpse of the village life of Punjab enabled the young learners to compare and contrast the two worlds – rural and urban. They kept asking a host of questions during their stay at the museum and were indeed very participative in all the activities there. They came back better equipped with the information about their own state- Punjab. Through this wonderful learning experience, Manav Rachna International School achieved the aim of transmission of culture as well as acculturation which are the aims of education. That’s what complete learning is all about!

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