Educational Trips are educational experiences that allow students to apply their lessons to real world. Edu Trips form an integral part of the teaching – learning process at MRIS Ludhiana.  ‘Seeing is believing’; envisaging this philosophy, an Edu Trip to fire station was organised for students of Nursery in correspondence to their on-going theme ‘Let’s Pretend’. Fire Fighters are our greatest real heroes. They defend the lives and properties of their community, risking their lives to save people and places. They perform courageous rescue and extinguish furious fires. Children learnt about fire fighters and the role they play in our community. Children explored the different equipment used by the fire fighters- the fire truck, multiple hoses, hose nozzles, axes, cutters, rams, blades and ladder on the roof of the fire engine. Tiny tots were explained about the uniform that helps the community helper stay safe. They were excited to see the fire fighter using the fire extinguisher. The children were also informed about the emergency number ‘101’in case the need be. The little ones were full of curious questions which were answered by the fire fighters. Altogether it was a fun filled informative experience for the children. Kudos to Manav Rachna International School for organising such a wonderful opportunity for learning!

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