Edu trip to Post Office

Excursions are means of educating ourselves on how certain things work and how we rely on certain services. A field trip to the local Post Office has long been a favourite activity for Primary school students, and they offer educators valuable curriculum connections for language, arts and social studies. Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organised an edu-trip for the students of Grade- II to Grade V recently.

The students and teachers observed how letters are collected, segregated, stamped and then stored in pigeon holes for the postman to collect. It was altogether a great learning experience especially in the era of electronic mails and fax. Visiting a post-office was something out-of-the-ordinary for the children although “post” is an ancient form of communication.

The students had a glance of the various counters catering to the public, mainly those selling stamps, envelopes, and postcards. They were explained the way parcels are delivered to different places. The children also visited the Philatelic museum which is a treasure trove for stamp collectors and aficionados in the city. Students enjoyed the display of postage stamps on different themes and subjects which varied from animals to gastronomy, unusual stamps, first day covers etc. Curiosity led the children to ask questions to the Post Master, who was happy to answer and explain how letters were collected and delivered to their destinations.

While returning, the children got to see a mail van and were also told the way the letters are escorted through this van to the airport and railway station.

It was delightful to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they posted their envelopes in the post box. The experience helped the students understand how the mail touches everyone’s lives every day. They left with a better understanding of how the local post office binds the community together and connects local citizens with the nation and the world.

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