Edu Trip Dental Clinic

An Edu Trip to Dental Clinic of Early Years of MRIS Ludhiana

“A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care. ”

We, at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana always want the best for our students. We tend to inculcate concerns related to the society and environment, be it in the school or through educational trips. An educational trip for Nursery students was organized to a local dental clinic “Smile Creator” in correspondence to the on-going theme “Let’s Pretend”.

A class visit to the dentist for Early Years children is a great way to engage children in positive oral health habits whether it is demonstrating good tooth brushing techniques, giving lessons on sugar in food and healthy diets or even simply day-to-day advice on oral health routines. During the visit, it was ensured that the children feel comfortable with the sights and the sounds of the dental practice as well as easing any anxiety they may have on a trip to the dentist in future.

Dr. Sahil Abrol’s (dentist) interactive session with the little ones emphasized on healthy and nutritious diet with low sugar contents. He also advised the children to limit the consumption of candies and chocolates to avoid cavities.

Various photographs depicting decaying of teeth and short process for dentures was presented to the students. Children learnt the importance of oral hygiene which includes brushing teeth twice a day, cleansing of mouth with mouthwash after every meal.

New vocabulary words like floss, denture were introduced to the little ones. They explored the different tools used by a dentist. The lessons learnt proved vital for the tiny tots. On their way back to school, the little ones were handed dental goody bags for them to take home.

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