A morning in the company of nature’

Field trips give children a welcome break from routine. It gives students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, organised an Edu – trip for the students of Grades I-III to ‘Technocare  Nursery and Garden Centre’ to  sensitise students towards the environment and help them understand different kinds of plants, soil, gardening equipment and practices in addition to life processes related to plants and insects.  The teachers briefed the students about what they would find in the Nursery and prepared them for the wonderful experience in the company of nature. They gave them journals to pen down their learning and experience. The colourful flowers of the Nursery welcomed the students into their amazing world. Children were overjoyed to see the variety of plant life in the garden and enjoyed exploring them. They were excited to interact with the resource person and were curious to know about the changes which take place in the journey of a seed into a plant. The students were given an opportunity to explore the Nursery. First they were taken on a guided tour by the teachers. The benefits of plants to make the environment clean and healthy were also highlighted. The students observed, classified and compared the structure of plants. They also identified the major structures of plants i.e., roots,  seeds, stems and leaves. Students also got to see different plants like Petunia, Cotyledon ,Orbiculata etc. They observed some flowering plants like – Alyssum,Balsam,Begonia semperflorens, Bellis, Brachycome etc. The students were amazed to see the beauty of Ornamental foliage like Brassica Oleracea, Caladium, Capsicum annum and Kochia.The scientific names of the plants were also briefly introduced to the children. There were few attractive indoor and bonsai plants. Students got to know the difference between Net House where plants are protected from the intense sun rays and Green House where the temperature can be controlled in different seasons. The students were amazed to feel the foggers effect which is used for misting to increase the humidity when it is too warm. They also got to know different ways of irrigation like manual irrigation, flooding, sprinklers and foggers. Students were also briefed about the different gardening tools like trowels, rake,bonsai cutter, shovels etc. They were thrilled to see the miniature fairy gardens. The beautiful pots displayed  creativity in its best form.The students were motivated to grow more trees and to keep the surroundings neat and clean.

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