To keep children rooted in their culture and relive the spirit of the glorious day of Dusshera, the festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana.

The Early years’ students were apprised with the significance of good over evil through the story of Ramayana. They were also shown a video about how the exuberant and vibrant festivities of Dussehra are marked in many different ways across the country based on regional and cultural legends attached with it. A ten headed effigy of Ravana was collectively built by the children of Early years during junk modelling sessions. They made use of spare bamboo sticks and created the skeleton of the Ravana.

They dug the ground and arranged wooden pillars to support the effigy. Later, they used cartons for outer structure. Effigy was decorated with coloured papers, paints, glitters, etc. At last, the moment for which tiny tots were waiting eagerly arrived. The children watched Ravan-symbol of all evil- slowly being consumed by fire. The children’s joy knew no bounds to celebrate the festival with Mr. Gaurav Rai, Executive Director, MRIS LDH, Dr. Roopali Trehan, Director, MRIS LDH and Ms. Shilpi Gill, Principal, MRIS LDH. Mr. Gaurav Rai, Executive Director, MRIS LDH greeted the students and staff; his greetings were reciprocated with a loud cheer by the students. The Junior School students also listened to the background of Durga Puja and learnt the significance of navratras. They spent their day making lovely take away craft for Dusehera Celebrations. The senior children were briefed about the positive aspects of Ravana through the shlokas from Ramayana which were read to them. They were explained how Ravana fell despite his immense potential. The students attempted a reflective creative writing on “RAVAN MERI NAZAR MEIN”.  The campus was abuzz with activity; the festive mood ruled everywhere.