The Summer vacation started with a bang with Cyber Club becoming the show stopper at Parent Educator Conference at MRIS LDH. The Cyber Club students set up a Photoshop booth for students and parents. They clicked pictures, flavoured them using Photoshop with in a couple of minutes, generated take along memories and impressed everyone with their techniques. The parents were amazed to witness the young learners attempt so much with ease and swiftness. The students even shared some of their learning with the parents. The parents appreciated the School’s effort to undertake an initiative to provide a platform to the students  for showcasing their learning. The students’ confidence awe inspired all. The parents were extremely delighted to know the constructive work being done in the Cyber Club. The students had learnt this all in just 5 classes which was indeed commendable. Talking to some of the parents, the students shared their experience of the club and how they use their learning to present gifts to their family and friends on special occasions.

The parents also met the teachers in person to learn about their ward’s progress. They were very delighted to know that their wards have been learning happily in the classrooms. They also shared with the teachers how children share their learning at home. The students communicated that they did not want a vacation; in fact they wanted the school to continue. This certainly reflected the impact of joyful learning hours spent at school by the students. The parents were very impressed to know about the wonderful Holiday assignments designed by the teachers. They craved to relive their school days. The parents remarked that their wards are fortunate to learn in a manner that their willingness to learn remains intact; in fact they are intrinsically motivated to learn. The assignments designed keeping in view the children’s age and interest are a pure delight for them; no wonder they do not need to be told to do them. The students and parents also visited the book fair to collect good books for the vacation.

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