MRIS, Ludhiana believes in inculcating healthy habits right from childhood and aims at giving its best to its students and believes to nurture willing learners. In an effort to do so, the school celebrated ‘Food and Nutrition Week’ from 11th to 15th September 2017.

The entire week was packed with a plethora of activities like Special assemblies, Traffic Light Poster making activity, Quiz, and many more. The week culminated with Fireless cooking and Salad Making Competition. The dishes were judged by a renowned Chef Vishavdeep Bali well-traveled Chef and a TV Show host, he is seen Zaika TV Show. He is the founder and CEO Bali’s Executive Planners, Joint Secretary at Chefs Association of Five Rivers and is a member of the Indian Federation Culinary Association. He has been awarded ‘ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2017′. He was startled to see the wonderful presentations and appreciated the efforts made by the students.