Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana believes in fostering global awareness and the students are guided through the process of discovery so that a deeper understanding of their own place in the world is better developed. It also provides exceptional opportunities to its students for an academic achievement, intellectual growth, artistic fulfillment, physical development, moral awareness and community engagement.

The Students of MRIS-Ludhiana showcased their learning of the world through the CREST GALLERY WALK. Our Students took everyone back in time to experience various cultures across the world. It was an enjoyable and fun-filled journey through the Middle East, Renaissance Italy, the land of the rising sun -Japan, Middle Ages’ Europe, France and  China to name a few. The Students made the spectators stroll through a range of activities and craft work which they had created in their classes along with their teachers.

Equally mesmerizing was the Story Telling corner from Grade I and the presentation on a journey from still photography to cartoon media by Grade III.  Grade II took the spectators through the Arctic land of North-West America as they discussed about the lives of Inuits and the significance of Totem poles in their lives. The parents had a gala time attempting the quiz and painting as Michelangelo did.  Grade IV showcased the history of Architecture through their work. They discussed about the building materials and the people involved in the building of a house. Their models of Igloo, Tippi and Caravan were a treat for the eyes. CREST believes in integrated learning which was showcased in performances by Grade V students on Football and Tennis. They also traced the history of the French revolution and sports like Cricket, Kabaddi and Wrestling in the world. The aim of global studies through CREST was truly fulfilled and the parents went with all the praises for the efforts made by Students and teachers.