Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana truly believes in making the children unfold their talents and experience a new way of learning by doing.

In the pursuit of giving them exposure to global studies CREST plays a vital role. They have reckoned their journey through this amazing and child involving curriculum.

The young learners of Grade I were as happy as they were excited to step in the Pre-Historic lives of the Early man. They enjoyed the discovery of fire, tools and creation of the shelter for an Early man. The videos and the activities involved them in the learning process which encased a lifelong memory for them.

Grade II was enchanted by the Life story of Gautama Buddha and tried to put his teachings in their life too. Creating a small Bird House helped them empathise towards little creatures of God.

Traveling through the streets of Indus Valley and Egyptian civilization had created a magic for Grades III to V. Right from creating a plan of Indus valley city to creating a Nile Delta unfolded many opportunities for the young learners. Knowing their Egyptian Zodiac Sign and their traits was quite an informative session for the Students. Learning about various global cultures through CREST has always enabled them to express themselves more with confidence.