‘Today a reader tomorrow a leader’

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana makes every possible effort to ensure all students grow into avid readers. As a School, we understand the significance of books in shaping a child’s personality, strengthening the linguistic ability as well as the value system. Every classroom at MRIS LDH has a reading corner equipped with age appropriate books. We constantly keep making efforts to encourage children to read. Also, we ensure that children read regularly. One such endeavour is BATLLE OF BOOKS. Every class decides a set of five books that all the students would read in a certain period of time. The teacher and the librarian help them to select the books. At the end of the stipulated time, a competition is organised based on the books read by the students. The students are expected to clear the preliminary and final round to win the Battle of Books. All the students from Grades I to VII participated in the competition with enthusiasm. It was truly a battle of books since during the final round; the students in the audience were more zealous than the participants to answer the rapid fire round. The students thoroughly enjoyed the battle in which no one lost.

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