In continuation with the ongoing IPC theme, Grade I students visited ‘Bunker’, a restaurant in Cross Point Mall, near Galleria, Gurugram. This field trip was organized on 12th and 13th October, 2016 to cover all five sections of Grade I.

As the name suggests, the interiors of the restaurant were inspired by the Indian Army, right from the gun shaped entrance door handle to the helmet shaped lamps. The walls and tables were full of pictures and intriguing facts about the Indian army. The kids were thrilled and were sensitized towards their unparalleled contribution towards the country.

The wonderful and courteous staff at the restaurant explained the students about table display, dinning etiquette and table manners. They were also taken to the restaurant’s kitchen where the students met the chefs who then showed them the kitchen area. They were extremely excited to see huge refrigerator, various burners, tandoor and large-size utensils in the kitchen. They were also told about various changes which the food materials undergo in the kitchen before being served as delicious dishes to the customers. It surely was overall an enriching experience for the kids.