“Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and her child.”

MRIS 51, Gurugram celebrated the Mother’s Day with great enthusiasm  with all the Mothers of the students of the School. The theme was ‘Summer Saturnalia’. All the activities and decorations were based on the theme. The School was transformed into a complete summer getaway with decorations like- shades, hats, summer fruits etc. The children welcomed their mothers with the cards made by them. This was followed by melodious group song. The kids also showcased their talent through a mesmerising dance performance. 

 A session of various interactive games had been organised for the mothers. The Queen Walk- My Mom My Queen was the highlight of the show. Kids walked the ramp with their mothers and crowned them with tiaras. Mothers looked beautiful and had a twinkle in their teary eyes. Even the kids beamed with joy and pride. It is never a forgotten day celebrated in honour of our mothers who serve as positive contributors in society.